We provide detailed, insightful medical market intelligence you need to enable educated decisions and confident execution.

Business Research

To succeed in medical markets, a company needs to think strategically and have a very good understanding of the unique market environments and potential opportunities in each targeted country. This requires conducting extensive research and due diligence on the consumer base for your product, the current competitors in the market, and other essential information.

F7 Global can assist you by conducting a comprehensive analysis of all these details and more, employing our intimate sector knowledge and strong presence within your target market to provide you with the most pertinent and up-to-date information.


The market research services we offer will give you access to the following valuable assets:

On-the-Ground Presence Through Our Offices in Selected Regions
We have highly experienced personnel staffed in our offices in London, Prague, Istanbul, Paris, and Milan. Our team members possess the necessary language capabilities and professional networks to obtain the information you need.

Recognition of the Unique Medical Market Dynamics 
Speaking with local doctors, hospitals, distributors, and other relevant contacts is crucial to gaining an accurate understanding of the market. This requires the ability to conduct interviews and discussions in the local language, as well as knowledge of which tailored questions to ask according to the unique market dynamics in each country.

The Support of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)       

It is very important to seek feedback and support from KOLs working in the field of your medical product. However, this can be difficult in some countries if you lack the necessary personal connections. Our teams have the established networks and relationships you need to obtain crucial KOL support and feedback.

Secondary Medical Market Research in You Target Market

We can perform a comprehensive analysis of government information, statistics, and other secondary market intelligence to round out the primary market research for your product.

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